Breaking Down The Mind Boggling Task Of Meal Preparation

Planning your menu might be a walk in the park for some people, but for those who have no idea about what is happening inside their kitchen, expect them to have a hard time, once you ask them about the task of meal planning.

Come to think of it, the meal planning concept of preparing 3 regular meals each day, a total of 21 meals in 7 days and 1,092 meals in one calendar year is indeed a mind boggling task. What even makes this task extremely difficult is when you have a meager budget at your disposal. If you are the one who is in-charge of the meal preparation and are doing it with a limited budget, then this is where the benefits of having the knowledge on meal planning comes helpful in the picture.

Having the know-how of the meal planning method will spare you from the headaches that most people are suffering from. You will be surprised with the benefits of knowing the right way of planning your meal, even if the money and time you have are severely restricted.

Here are 2 meal planning methods that are guaranteed to suit your tight budget:

  • Night before – this method will teach you to make use of the left over from your dinner last night and prevent it from heading straight to your thrash can.  Instead of thrashing your leftovers, it will be much better if you will make a plan on how to recycle them or mix them for your next morning meals.
  • The rotating menus – this method will surely fit you in case your family is choosy with the foods they eat. This method will teach you to plan at least 10-20 meals for one week and you will just rotate them each day according to your preference.

These two methods of meal preparations are proven effective and beneficial, especially if you are having a hard time coming up of a delicious and irresistible meal that your loved ones will surely like.

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