Control Your Weight With The Right Foods And Not With Size

Just in case you have the mentality that you can control your weight by eating on smaller plates, then we might disappoint you as we are about to refute your belief. As you can see, smaller plate won’t help your diet in any way, contrary to what others are telling you. Yes, it is about time to correct this misconception, which most of the times, are becoming the main hindrance in achieving your desired weight.

According to the study, which has been performed by a Texas Christian University professor named Meena Shah, eating your meals in small plate has nothing to do with the success of your diet program. Even if you limit your food consumption by placing your meals in small containers, you will still not be helped, especially if the foods you are filling your plate are not the right ones.

Based on the conclusion of the study of Meena Shah, it is not the size of the plate that determines the weight you can lose or gain, but rather the quality of the foods you are putting there. Simply put, if you are really serious in shedding your unwanted body fats, then you need to pay attention on the dishes that you usually eat.

Here are some of the foods you need to avoid of eating:

  • Foods that are rich in calories
  • Dishes that contain lots of sugar and cholesterol
  • Foods that are cooked in unhealthy fats such as the unsaturated and the trans fats

As long as you can avoid consuming the foods we have shared here, this will help you achieve the best result out of your diet program. Regardless of the size of the plate you will eat on, always remember that what really matters is the nutrients and components of the foods you will place there.

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