Source Reveals The Secret Behind “The Aguilera’s” Great Bod

Secret Behind “The Aguilera’s” Great BodStudio and T.V. viewers were definitely surprised when Christina Aguilera showed on the launch of The Voice US recently, with her perfect, better than ever figure, wearing a mini-dress (a pink Alaia), obviously to show off that perfect body of hers.

Well, who could blame her? Indeed that type of body is worth showing off, right? Sources revealed that Christina was able to achieve that figure through hard work. Doing weight training at the gym and at home with the help of her personal trainer, she’s also doing yoga know, and a very strict diet which is prepared and delivered to her daily that limits her food intake to up to 1,600 calories, which by the way costs NZ $1,800 per month, helped her lose about 15 kilos in just 6 months.

The source said that the real reason behind Christina’s successful weight loss is because she enjoys doing it and that she chose a way that she know she would love doing every day and not just something that she has to force herselSecret Behind “The Aguilera’s” Great Bod1f of doing in order to achieve her goals.

By the way Christina looked right now it could only prove that her chosen weight loss regime really works. The source added that Christina would often have quinoa oatmeal for breakfast, grilled steak with roasted tomatoes for lunch and grilled tuna with cauliflower and sweet potatoes for dinner. In case she asks for dessert, an apple-cinnamon cheesecake would be her usual order. With all that, who would actually think that she aims to lose weight? But obviously it worked. Anyone will definitely want to be on a diet if they know they can get the same result as Christina’s.

Fans may have noticed how Christina has gained weight these past few years. Taken as something that’s normally experienced by any woman, Christina never really cared about her weight issues before. However, because of the unending criticisms she finally decided that maybe it’s time to let go of the “booty” that she love.

For a while Christina felt bad about how people looked at her because of her weight, which is also the very same reason why she felt depressed for a period of time. But then when she finally decided that she want to lose weight, she made it clear to her that she’s not doing it to satisfy her critics, but because she decided to do it for herself.

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